Azerbaijan Marriage Practices

Azerbaijan Marriage Practices

Traditionally, Azerbaijani marriage ceremonies take place during 40 days. The wedding wedding usually is followed by a “uzechikhdi” ceremony, which is an end of lack ceremony. It is a ceremony that gives the bride-to-be into the new family. In wealthy loved ones, the wedding wedding ceremony may previous for three or four nights. In lesser families, it is a one-day affair.

In ancient situations, Azerbaijani weddings sometimes took place in two different venues. One of the functions took place inside the bride’s house and the other was held in the groom’s residence. The feast day would generally start with a bath-house marriage ceremony, followed by a meal.

The ceremony could possibly be religious or perhaps luxurious. It may also be held during a individual day. The bride’s family is responsible for buying household items in the couple’s fresh home. It might be the family that decides at the date of your wedding.

The Azerbaijani wedding ceremony generally includes bouncing. The formal procedure may also are the ritual of henna covering. The groom’s family group will choose the bride’s rings. They will also get her dresses. The dowry comes with household things such as pieces of furniture and online dating safety tips garments. The groom’s family will usually visit the bride’s house to validate that she is committed.

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The wedding ceremony ceremony is usually followed by a reception that includes green salads and meats. It also includes traditional Azerbaijani dishes. Some of the guests take turns to sit subsequent to the newly married couple for photos.


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